Road to Boston Marathon



留学中はFletcher Running Clubに入り、Boston Marathonに出場することを目指したいと思います。目標がないとなかなか動かない性格なので、チームに入り大会を目指すことで、モチベーションをなんとか保っていきたいと思います。Boston Marathonを4時間以内でゴールする。これが留学中のもう一つの目標です。元の目標はもちろん就職。


Fletcher Running Club
The scenic trails and roads crisscrossing Medford and surrounding towns make for fabulous running routes. And the university fitness center and indoor/outdoor track facilities provide still other options. Fletcher Running is for students who love to run--for its recreational appeal, fitness dividends, and just because it's a great a way to socialize. We encourage members to schedule group runs & track workouts, share nutrition/training tips, exchange route information, and just partake in the pleasure of running. Our non-competitive nature invites participation from all members of the Fletcher community, from veteran marathoners to casual joggers.